Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tool #2 - websites I will visit

Websites I plan to visit - I plan to explore Twitter to search for ideas/advice from educators worldwide. I also plan to look at Google Reader more closely.


Wow - what a lot of information to sift through. I looked at several of the PLNs and hadn't decided which one(s) I want to join yet. I also did the Google Reader tour - I wasn't aware of this site before. I did sign up for a couple of the sites to see how it works, but will probably change them. I am not sure of my comfort level with the whole publishing of my thoughts/ideas. I have a facebook account, but usually only post responses to family members and close friends. Despite my nervousness, I am excited about learning with my new PLN community.


Creating my Voki was fairly easy. I had a little trouble with getting it to appear on my blog, but after re-reading the instructions I was able to figure it out. So far, so good.